The Adventures of Poppy Porg- Part 1

There once was a time when Poppy Porg wanted a bee friend.

She saw how much bees adored flowers, and if she was a flower, maybe she could find her own bee friend to love her, too.

Poppy, being the incredibly smart Porg that she was, wore a flower hat in hopes of attracting one.

Oh, it wasn’t easy. She wore her flower hat everywhere she went, but no bee dared approach her.

Poppy didn’t want to give up.
She knew that her expertly placed flower hat and persistence would soon prevail.
So, she waited.

And waited.

And waited some more. Poor Poppy.
She went to different places, hoping a bee friend would stop by. 

02Until finally!
A bee friend approached her!
And they became fast friends.
They gushed over the sweetness of honey (Porgs like honey too), dreamcatchers, and the importance of pizza parties.

That day, Poppy learnt that if you at first don’t succeed in attracting bee friends, wear a flower hat and you eventually will. She also learnt that even though the universe is big, when you have friends- especially bee friends- it doesn’t appear as scary or lonely.








Note: no porgs or bees were harmed during the making of this silly story.

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