Mega Man Birthday Cake


My boyfriend loves Mega Man. I mean he loves Mega Man. Sometimes, I think he loves Mega Man more than me. For his birthday last year I had one goal: learn how to bake a Mega Man cake. I got the brilliant idea at 2am (when all brilliant ideas hatch), three days before his birthday. The problem was I had never baked a cake in my life before. I remember the stress and the fact that I had to get it perfectly right. I’m not an artist; the most I can draw are silly little doodles. Pretty bad doodles. So, the eyes were definitely challenging. Over all, I think I did a pretty good job. I mean, it looks like Mega Man, right? The best part was that he loved it! Totally surprised him^^ *pats myself on the back*. I had so much fun baking that I want to do it again this year! Except, maybe I’ll bake a Proto Man cake instead (He’s red and my bf loves red). I had left over batter, so I made some e-tank cupcakes. They were my favorite part ^^.





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