Welcome to…British Beauty

Ever since this picture of Tom Hiddleston hit the web, the universe gasped and hyperventilated (I sure did).
In his new movie High Rise, Tom plays Robert Laing, a young doctor seduced by the “lifestyle in a high-rise, an isolated community, cut off from the rest of society in their luxury tower block.” Sounds pretty interesting and the trailer looks frakin’ GOOD.

A while back, I stumbled upon these two photoshopped images of Tom.
Tom as a ballerina. Tom as a mermaid. Yes, let that seep into your brain.
WHO DID THIS. No really, I want to know because this is amazing. It’s so silly and sexy and just brilliant! I laughed for hours and even got tears in my eyes. Also, you inspired me to make my own manipulation.

It was my cousin Sabrina who gave me the brilliant idea to photoshop Tom into *that* American Beauty rose petal scene. You know the one. (And if you have no idea what I’m talking about then I suggest you find a way to watch American Beauty with Kevin Spacey and Thora Birch.)

The Original:
I present thee “British Beauty” (British Beauty because he’s British..get it? hah)
I spent a whole hour of my life doing this and I have no regrets.
If you’ve seen/made Tom Hiddleston manips of this certain pose, send them my way! There needs to be more!!

High Rise comes out on May 13.

I can’t believe I just dedicated a post to Tom Hiddleston’s nearly naked body. But well, it’s Tom Hiddleston..so duh.


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